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Neighbours Omnibus Update

I’ve recently found out that my Neighbours omnibus report and petition has been picked up by a number of ‘real world’ and Internet media outlets.

A Cardiff-based radio station, XPress Radio, has given the omnibus their full support. This city-wide station have recently promoted it on-air and have now placed it on their website’s ‘News’ section, causing a slight influx of new signatures on the petition.

Another Cardiff-based outlet – the University’s newspaper, Gair Rhydd – has also released an article on the popularity of the website as they heard that it was created by a graduate of the University. Thanks guys!

More recently though I have spotted, and been informed of, a couple of online occurrences of the petition. The most popular unofficial Neighbours website on the Internet, Perfect Blend, have linked to it and placed it on their front page news section. Excite, who were once the leading competitor to Yahoo! and who have also consistently been one of the top 10 search engine and news websites, have linked to my site in a news article they’ve published.

The one that highlights the popularity of this cause, and the one that is my personal favourite, is the recent addition to Wikipedia’s Neighbours page. Some kind soul has taken it upon themselves to add an entry for the website and petition related to this project to the External Links section. Surely, that is the mark of true fame?