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Forgotten Postcards

This weekend I’ve been packing-up and clearing-out all of my belongings from my home in Abergavenny. As a quick bit of background, this house – Hen Siop – is a few hundred years old and is in the middle of the countryside surrounded by farms. It was, at one point, a shop for the village.

Today I came across a little suprise though: 47 postcards all sent between 1906 and mid1914, stopping on the brink of World War One. All but two of them are still legible. I am hoping to catalogue all of these here at some point and maybe find out some more reagarding the person they were all sent to.

My favourite three are:

BlackpoolNatal DayFlower Language

You can click on any of the above images to see a bigger version.

Did you know it cost 1c to send a postcard from America to Britain in 1910?