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The Arrival

So here it is, my new Canon EOS 350D has been unboxed, checked out, photographed and now displayed below. Also, thanks to the lovely people at Canon, I’ll be receiving a free 256Mb Compact Flash card in the post relatively soon as payment for registering my new camera on the Internet. Thank you! In these pictures the ‘kit’ lens is attached (EF-S 18–55mm II).

Canon EOS 350D

My next purchase will undoubtedly be a decent bag, a tripod and possibly an improved lens (EF-S 17–85 mm IS?). Although, rather than simply an improved lens, I may decide to save for a different lens – a macro or telephoto lens would be a great addition.

So, as soon as my CF card arrives it’s time for me to put my new 8.0m pixel, 3fps baby to the test.