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On my mind…

There are two things I’ve been thinking about today.

One is about EarShock – one of my ongoing projects – and the other is about how much I’m looking forward to using my camera again. Especially shooting in the RAW format. has just had a bit of a face-lift. I’ve used the Joomla Open-Source Content Management System to organise the information, created a new logo and added a few reviews that I pilfered (yet referenced) from Amazon and other sites just to temporarily bulk up the website. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Regarding photography, I’ve decided that shooting photos in RAW is great. Really great. A RAW image on my camera is a lot bigger than a normal capture – approx 9Mb per photo. This is because a RAW photo is the digital equivalent of an undeveloped negative when shooting with a film camera. Nothing is applied to the photographs such as white-balance, colour filters, contrast and even saturation. You get the raw image and you edit it, as you please, on your computer.

Another great advantage is that instead of dealing with the usual 256 colour layers as in a normal photograph, RAW has 65,536 – allowing you great flexibility when editing the picture to emphasize or dull-down parts of the photo as required. I’m getting a RAW-fetish and I don’t even fully understand the medium yet!

Last week I saw one of the most beautiful skies of my life and decided to take a photograph. Below are two shots that came out well, edited slightly, but differently, in RAW. You can click on them to see a slightly bigger version.

Red Sky At Night... (view over Cardiff) Red Sky At Night... 2 (view over Cardiff)