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11.Aug.06 – 13.Aug.06

This weekend I went home to Abergavenny for the last time. As I type this the house is no longer ours and my home is now Cardiff, and just Cardiff. This weekend wasn’t all sad though. Here are some things that caught my eye and some of my thoughts:

My weekend in pictures

A beautiful white rose growing in my garden;
A hand-made road sign with ‘GOOSE’ written on it;
A one-eyed ginger cat sitting on a freshly made hay bale;
An old abandoned church that scared me;
Parking my car at home and wondering if I’ll ever live in another place where the view out of my rear-view mirror will be like this;
Jasmine, my cat;
The post box opposite my (old) house;
A little girl dragging her dog around the village fête’s dog show and thinking how it looked like a moving carpet;
Seeing some flowers in a traffic cone at a skip and realising that beauty can be where you least expect.