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Neighbours Omnibus Surpasses 1000 Signatures

The astute among you (or maybe just those who care) may have noticed that today, Monday 18th September 2006, my Neighbours Omnibus Petition reached and surpassed it’s 1000th signatory mark.

(As a quick bit of blatant self advertising, you can find the petition at, the project homepage at and my personal project page for it here.)

So, reaching and exceeding the 1000 mark, huh? Yep, that’s right, all in the space of 135 days (the petition started on 5th May 2006).

I decided to do a bit of analysis on the petition and have come to the fair conclusion that there are 955 unique signatories for the cause: 821 with their full name, 106 who signed uniquely with a single name, 7 duplicate signings with a full name (3 unique), 57 duplicate single name signatories (22 unique) and 9 dubious signatures of which 3 are acceptable.

So, to get the total of 955 I’ve counted all of the unique signatures and all of the duplicates once per duplicate. Of the questionable names entered, two can be accepted as the names are legible and another as I personally know the person who signed it.

There should really be more than this though as it is wholly feasible that 2 Bethan Jones’ and Kate Davies’ signed the petition separately (especially as they are rather Welsh names and the petition was advertised in Cardiff… the capital). It is also completely viable that 7 Sarah’s signed the petition with only their first name as did 4 Hannah’s, 3 Mark’s, 3… the list goes on.

I decided that the “official” count shouldn’t display these duplicates though for legitimacy. So, if you’re reading this and you have not yet signed the petition, please go here to do so… but please do so with your full name to make it really (and definitely) count.

The petition signature breakdown can be perused on this Excel spreadsheet or this XML formatted spreadsheet.