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Bear With Me

Everything’s a bit sh!t at the moment, so bear with me. Links, images and probably everything else is fubar because my current host was too efficient! After ordering a new domain and requesting that my hosting account was moved over to this new domain, I started to back-up everything and change a number of settings. Little did I know that the amazingly efficient support at WebHostFreaks would have all of this done for me within 5 minutes – oops!

So, I’m in the middle of (another) major overhaul of the website (and my other websites) whilst I’m starting a new project and contemplating moving over to a new host.

Yes, WebHostFreaks are amazing hosts and their support is fast and efficient so why am I moving? I need a host that will allow me to host multiple domains on the same hosting account without charging me extra (or possibly charging me the same as I am currently paying anyway!). I don’t mean a forwarding account, but actual ‘add-on domains’. Know of any that are decent and not too expensive? Let me know and save me some time!

I’m looking for around 1 GB webspace, 10 GB transfer/month, at least 5 MySQL databases, at least 5 add-on domains, PHP 5, Apache hosting and all the usual ASP, FTP and Cron functionality. I’m willing to pay for this… but not extortionately! Fast customer support is always an added bonus, as is cheap domain renewals for .com and/or domains just in case I decide to transfer those too.