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Secrets on a Postcard

Recently I’ve been awestruck by PostSecret. It’s a simple idea but it’s one of the most effective blogs I’ve ever read: it really demands an emotional response from every item on there. The idea is simple – you create a home-made postcard, write a secret on there and then post it to them in Maryland, America. Once a week a selection of these get scanned and posted on the blog for the world to read in the hope that the creator of the secret will feel liberated and free of their secret, so that they have a space to expel their fears or maybe just for a laugh. In PostSecret’s own words:

Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything – as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before.

I am sure it has helped a lot of people.

Unfortunately, it seems that only the most recent entries are able to be viewed through the blog but luckily you can view the PostSecret archive from over 13 months ago through an RSS feed reader (well, it works in Google Reader).

I would write out some of my favourite (that’s the wrong word, what I really mean is ‘the most emotive’) post cards but I shan’t – instead I think you should go there yourself and read the postcards as they were written.

Talking of Google Reader – it’s amazing! Seriously, if you don’t already, use it. Of course, if there’s a better RSS feed reader let me know so I can switch instead! I highly recommend subscribing to PostSecret, even temporarily, just so you can see the archive.