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A Kitten for Every Man, Woman and Child (Curing Alzheimer’s, One Cat at a Time)

Cats are quite amazing; in fact they are veritably awesome as fųck. This is a 100%, legitimate, bona-fide fact. We all know that if humans didn’t rule the world, then cats are next in line to the throne. Undeniably, cats already have half the world wrapped around their little, um, paw-finger(?!) – and we don’t mind one bit.

Regardless, today a story broke about feline dementia, specifically, feline Alzheimer’s: it has been discovered, by researchers at Edinburgh, St Andrews, Bristol and California, that the dementia that cats suffer (which has been known to exist for a long time) does in fact arise from Alzheimer’s disease.

Do not fret for your small, fur covered, balls of fun (not those ones… your cats!) – this is a good thing. Due to the shorter life-span of cats, scientists hope that it will become easier for them to identify how Alzheimer’s disease develops in felines, as well as in humans. This is a good step in the direction of understanding the disease – the most important step in finding a preventative measure.

Now, not only do I feel bad for laughing ever so slightly about the idea of a cat losing its marbles, but I’ve come across a bit of a brainwave – a preventative measure of my own devices:

Experts believe that diet, mental stimulation and companionship can reduce the risk of dementia in both humans and felines. Then does it not make sense, for the wellbeing of both cats and humans, for the government to ensure that all humans have at least one cat as a pet, and all cats to have a human as an owner? That’s companionship sorted, and maybe we should dispel of our taboo on the eating of ‘pets’ and eat our deceased cats in order to get some lovely lean meat too?

Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak? Or should that be ‘Killing two, um, diseases with… one… cat’? Yes, that’s it. I do wonder though; during their research, did they give these felines CAT scans! Muahaha! (Apologies!)

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