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Resolutions, schmesolutions!

A few years back I made some New Year’s resolutions; one of which was to keep a regular diary. If the eclectic posting dates on this blog are anything to go by, you can guess that this was about as successful as a lead balloon. I’ve never considered New Year’s resolutions since. That’s why this year I’ve decided to throw resolutions out completely in an attempt to actually stick to one or two “goals”!

The last 6 months or so have been psychologically and financially significant for me; I’ve started, for the first time in my life, to mange my finances properly, set targets in my work and home life, eat more sensibly and healthier whilst being more socially aware. These things weren’t accidental: I worked towards them gradually, and I’m still a long way off perfecting them.

Whilst this gives me clarity and a target I want to achieve in the relatively near future, it’s also very confusing: I now know what I want but I don’t necessarily know how I’m going to achieve it or how long it will take.

  • I’m managing my finances; but why? It’s not just to ensure that I’m not an identity theft victim (1 in 10 in the UK are!) or to ensure I’m not spending too much money on unnecessary alcohol, snacks and food: I want to increase my wealth by spending more economically. How can I measure my success at this, and how can I even start?
  • I’ve set targets at work so that I can become more successful at what I do. What exactly is being successful at what I do? What exactly is desirable – what will make me more employable?
  • At home I want to practice and get better at my hobbies. I want to learn to take much better photographs than I currently do. I want to make good progress on my projects whilst still being able to sit down, watch a film and have a drink.

How can I train, holiday and eat better food whilst not spending so much money? How can all the above tie-in with me being more environmental and socially conscious?

There’s a way… but I’m currently trying to find it. I’ll let you know what I find before the New Year.