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New Day’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions and plans are always a talking point throughout January and this year is no exception. Come June (and sometimes even February) however, and these resolutions are a long forgotten idealistic inspiration. 2007 will be different!

After my post detailing some of my goals, Carl commented, writing that one of his goals for 2007 is “to give the same renewing energy to each month, week, or day rather than just once a year.”

In reply to this I was wondering how to go about this – to keep this ‘New Year’ dynamism you must first instigate change or create a system to keep these changes at the forefront of your mind, right? What’s the best method? A reward system?

Carl directed me to the following video: Jobs’ Commencement Speech at Stanford, 2005

Then today I read Steve Pavlina’s most recent blog entry: 10 Business Lessons from a Snarky Entrepreneur. At first they seemed totally unrelated but in fact they are not. To quote the 10th business lesson:

Do what you love, but be damned sure it’s profitable.
If you do work you love, but it doesn’t generate income, your business will fail. If you do work you hate, but it generates income, your health will fail… and your business along with it. If you can’t do what you love and make it profitable, you’ve either got a hobby or a headache, not a sustainable business. Don’t settle for anything less than passion and profit.

This, paraphrased and put bluntly, was one of Steve Jobs’ three points in his speech: find what you love and make it a career; passion breeds success and success takes time; don’t settle.

My opinion is slightly different to Steve Pavlina’s though – if you do work you love, but it doesn’t generate income, your business will fail unless you work harder and find a more successful business model. If it truly is work you love, work at it and you will eventually find a way to make it profitable. Don’t settle for an ineffective business model.Have I found my passion? Am I doing work I love? Is my answer to one of the most important questions ‘Yes’: Would you continue your work on a daily basis for free? No I haven’t, and my answer is ‘no’. But I’m young and have plenty of time to find out what this passion is and work towards it.

Wealth, happiness and health may come in time, but if you’ve found your passion you won’t care. Have you found yours?