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Doing What You Love… Again!

Just over a month ago I wrote regarding New Year’s Resolutions and specifically about living your passions.

I referenced Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech and Steve Pavlina’s 10th business lesson which, at least in part, promote working towards making a business out of a personal passion. The same goes for employees: if you wouldn’t do what you’re doing now if you didn’t get paid, you need a new job.

Now it seems Donald Trump is getting in on the action – here’s an excerpt from a recent interview by Guy Kawasaki:

Guy Kawasaki: TV is TV, real life is real life: What’s the most important real-life advice you can give to an entrepreneur?
Donald Trump: You have to love what you do. Without passion, great success is hard to come by. An entrepreneur will have tough times if he or she isn’t passionate about what they’re doing. People who love what they’re doing don’t give up. It’s never even a consideration. It’s a pretty simple formula.