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Why I Love Niche Blogs/Websites

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day – that it kick-starts your body’s metabolism, stabilising your blood-sugar levels to regulate appetite and energy for many hours. I eat breakfast because I just like it!

My favourite breakfasts have, for a long time, been a combination of fresh fruit, frozen berries, yoghurt and something like natural peanut butter or honey which adds a bit of sweetness. Stick all of this in a blender and you’ve got yourself a ‘smoothie’ that’s healthy, fast and above all else, really tasty – a godsend of a combination when you’ve only got a few minutes in the mornings for breakfast. It’s easy to see why smoothies have become a multi-million pound industry in the last couple of years.

However I’ve been without a blender for about 6 months now and as a consequence my breakfasts have been quite boring (and my soups thin). At one point I did experiment with a homemade muesli/porridge creation but, whilst tasty, it just took too long to make – it was soon confined to the recipe book in my head. Tonight I am determined to fall asleep as the proud owner of a new blender.

What’s this got to do with niche blogs and websites? Well you see, I’m one of those people who will do their research on all prospective purchases – no matter how mundane the product – and these little recesses of the Internet are invaluable when it comes to this. Here, people who know what they’re talking about discuss and compare products on the features that actually matter and make choosing a reliable product that you have no idea about a breeze.

Much to my dismay I cannot find a blender-dedicated website, and I am very upset. Is there a make of blender that is far superior? Are there any features I should avoid or demand for my blender? What’s the minimum price I should spend on a blender to guarantee a fair degree of quality? Maybe buying it today is a bit ambitious after all.

This is my call to all blender-enthusiasts and all others who have a niche website inside of them: find an outlet for your knowledge online… we’re waiting for you.