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Geeksta Rap: Chip Hop and Algorhythms

Armand Navabi is an Iranian-American programmer and PhD student who has contributed enormously to the computing fields of software watermarking and layout algorithms. Armand Navabi is also known as MC Plus+ or Sir Code-A-Lot… Armand Navabi is a Geeksta Rapper.

MC Plus+ is one of the promising stars in the emerging Nerdcore hip hop scene… a subgenre of hip hop music that is taking the ‘geek community’ by storm. Instead of the classic east-west rivalries, there’s hostility between universities; Mac and PC users; and programmers of different languages. Before a recent peace deal, Monzy was the rival of MC Plus+ and had been quoted as saying:

“In the past, I was like the complement of the Empty Set [MC Plus+’s ‘crew’]. And you know what happens when you union a set with its complement? It takes over the universe… of discourse.”

Wikipedia states that, though Nerdcore rappers rhyme about everything from dextromethorphan use to politics, there are some recurring favourites in Nerdcore subject matter, including Star Wars (“Mind Trick” by 2 Skinnee J’s and MC Chris’ “Fett’s Vette”), science (MC Hawking’s “Entropy” and “Pluto” by 2 Skinnee J’s), and computers (Optimus Rhyme’s “Reboot”, Monzy’s “Drama in the PhD” and “Computer Science for Life” by MC Plus+).

Nerdcore recently came to the attention of the mainstream technology magazine ‘Wired’ when Roger Thomasson wrote a scathing article there on the genre. After Thomasson’s article was printed, Kristin Ritchie – MC Router, the ‘First Lady of Nerdcore’ – and her posse 1GB (1337 G33k B34t / Elite Geek Beat) wrote a ‘revenge track’ about how much they hate Wired (mp3 available) which was widely distributed. And not unlike ‘normal’ hip hop or rap, it didn’t shy away from controversy. To quote BoingBoing (edited by me to keep this blog a family-friendly establishment):

Lest ye suffer under the misbelief that that the 21-year-old, Texas-based Ms. Router is a personage to be taken lightly, I present unto you a snip:

Nerdcore article got published in Wired.
That a–hole Roger Thomasson should get fu–ing fired.
What the hell’s going on with this sh–ty magazine?
You want this motherfu–ing knife in your fu–ing spleen?


MC Plus+ has two albums – Chip Hop and Algorhythms – both of which are available to download for free and are also completely DRM-free, meaning you can play them on any MP3 player and platform you like – this is how most Nerdcore music is distributed. Visit for more information.