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YouTube Video Awards – Achieve Your Dreams With Kiwi!

The winners of the first YouTube Video Awards have been published today with much fanfare. The announcement has already garnered quite a bit of mainstream media attention with the BBC covering the story both online and on TV. As for the videos themselves – they’re well worth a look.

Of the seven winners, selected in differing categories, three really stand out as superb creations. These are, in no particular order:

Most Creative: Here It Goes Again by OKGo

OK Go are a Chicago based rock band who dress themselves in so-called ‘geek rock’ outfits consisting of waistcoats, sweater vests, ties, shirts and smart trousers. Here It Goes Again is a music video uploaded by the band for the single of the same name and earlier this year it also one the Grammy for the Best Short-Form Music Video. The video, shot in one sequence, shows the band performing a superbly choreographed dance on a set of eight treadmills. The song’s good too!

Most Inspirational: Free Hugs Campaign by PeaceOnEarth123

It sounds simple, and it is – a man walks around public spaces with a big banner proclaiming ‘Free Hugs’. Strangers come up to the man, and they hug… on camera. That’s essentially the premise of the entire video, but it really is quite inspiring.

Most Adorable: Kiwi! by Madyeti47

The Kiwi is a flightless bird native to New Zealand and in this short animation one is brought to life in an attempt to realise its dream – to fly. For me, Kiwi! is the Most Adorable, Most Inspirational and Most Creative video all in one, but could only win in one category. If I had to choose an overall winner, this would be it.

(Spoiler Warning) The animation starts with a Kiwi nailing trees horizontally to a large cliff face. At first it’s confusing, but before long all is revealed when the Kiwi adorns itself in flying gear and jumps off the cliff. With the trees horizontal, and the Kiwi falling to the ground at a rapid rate towards certain death, it appears as if it is flying for the first time. The Kiwi realises that it has now achieved its goal of flight against all odds, and just before its death the tear of joy makes you realise that fulfilling its dream was worth the struggle. No matter how difficult the struggle was, or how impossible it may have seemed, it was, in the end, possible for the Kiwi to fly and be truly happy for the first time.

The other winners are (with my favourites first):

As for the Kiwi; I think we can all learn something from that small, flightless bird.