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Being a Child Again: An Ode to Swingball

On a lighter note, I’ve enjoyed being a child again these last few days.

Monday saw a group purchase of a swingball set, or as you Americans might call it, tetherball or tether-tennis. It consists of a pole with a helical screw at the top attached to a tennis ball by a piece of string. It’s simple: you hit the ball in one direction with a small plastic racquet ’til it reaches the top (or bottom) of the screw where upon you win the game. All this time, your opponent is trying to get it to the opposite end of the screw by hitting it in the opposite direction.

Simple; but fun, and my first go saw me laughing harder than I had in years. Soon however, this laughter turned to tears as the poorly designed racquets (or maybe they’re designed for 8 year olds!) started blistering and bruising my over-sized hands.

Maybe the breaking of the ‘string of destiny’ (the string connecting the ball and the pole) was a blessing in disguise as now there will be no more blisters, bruising, or close encounters with flying racquets! I just hope my hand heals before the new string and ball we’re ordering from eBay arrives!

In the meantime, I recommend you all head out and find a childhood game you loved to play. Laugh, play and be merry: being a child again is more fun than you think.

Ode to Swingball – A Haiku

You give us much fun:
Tangled wires and flying bats.
Oh, my blistered thumb!