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Panorama ‘Exposes’ the Health Risks of WiFi

After the last discussion about Panorama, I was interested to see what wonders the next episode of the show would bring its viewers, and specifically whether the BBC would ensure the programming that they did air was quality investigatory journalism – the newest episode was dedicated to investigating the health threats from WiFi technology.

Alas I did not get time to watch the episode live on Monday night and decided that on Tuesday morning I would source out the link for the episode so that I could watch it at a later date – undoubtedly this weekend. Unfortunately, by Tuesday morning – a mere 10 hours since it aired – a lot of blogs and news articles were dedicated to the “scare-mongering tactics” (to quote The Regsiter) of the latest Panorama episode.

Ben Goldacre of Bad Science and Guy Kewney of The Register weren’t impressed by the show, debunking the entire affair as a farcical display of “bunk science” and “non-statistics”. Even BBC News defended the technology by saying that the “fears are unproven”.

If you’ve watched the episode please feel free to give me your views on the show and of things to ‘watch out for’ before I watch it this weekend. In the meantime, don’t forget your tinfoil hat!