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Can a London Cab Driver Beat Satellite Naviagtion?

Earlier this year I wrote about The Knowledge of London Cab Drivers. Now Click – the BBC’s flagship technology programme – has done the ultimate test: can a state-of-the-art satellite navigation system beat a London taxi driver’s ‘Knowledge’ on a race through London?

After seeing a rather hilarious incident on a recent The Office (US) episode and constantly reading rather embarrassing stories about people blindly following their GPS systems and driving into the path of oncoming trains, blocking roads, or even ending up in the wrong country, I couldn’t guess how this was going to end up.

Would the ‘sat-nav’ system use its traffic avoidance system and instantly re-calculate routes around congestion as the cabbie sits in traffic? Will someone end up in the Thames? There’s only one way to find out*, and that’s by reading The sat-nav v cabbie challenge over at BBC Click.

* You can find out here too: after being 5 minutes behind the GPS guided car ¼ of the way through the race, the taxi driver finishes first… half an hour before the £300 gadget that also succeeds in making your car a prime target for theft.