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A Month Without E-Mail

In April I’m going to be kicking it old-school; 30 days and 30 nights without sending a single personal* email. I’ve primed my pen and paper and I’m ready to be “sooo 2oth Century!

Why am I doing this? I feel the proliferation of e-mail and instant messaging in my life has disconnected me from the close relationships I had with people who I once lived with and was close to. I hope that this romanticist approach to my communication can help me reconnect with, and mend, these relationships.

It may not be easy, but it’s going to be an interesting experiment nonetheless. I’m not just replacing e-mails with letters – I’m planning on sending letters to people who I haven’t spoken to in a while – if you want a letter, send me your address!

*In our paperless office it would be impossible for me to go an entire workday without sending an e-mail – I’m not going to even attempt it for ‘official’ work e-mails… and emergencies, if one should unfortunately arise.