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Further Things


… have a mind filled with useless facts (thanks, Wikipedia).
… was a vegetarian for several months, but managed to consume a fair amount of meat in that period.
… have never seen a ‘shooting star’.
… was the ‘visitor’ who provided an MP3 to the Vincent van Gogh Gallery on how van Gogh’s name is pronounced.
… will stroke a cat if I see one.
… will ignore/avoid all dogs.
… want a Freud doll.
… have one brother: 552 days older.
… cannot dance, but do anyway.
… have a large collection of autographs from celebrities.
… believe political correctness is both the enemy and saviour of humour.
… hold the opinion that profanity is not profane.
… had a bonsai, but it died.
… prefer to give than to receive.
… prefer to be two hours early than two minutes early.
… am a great procrastinator.
… am a grammar purist and pedant.