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This is where I keep all my personal project information; both past and present. As each project evolves I’ll be updating the respective page(s) with what’s going on.

NeighboursNeighbours Omnibus – Neighbours is a fundamental part of the student lifestyle in this country – only the foolish miss an episode. As one graduates to the working lifestyle it becomes nigh-on impossible to follow the jaunts of those happy-go-lucky Australians and the happiness that it brings you is lost forever. I took it upon myself to reverse this insult to society and bring Neighbours back to the blue-collar masses. This is my documented attempt to change the policy of a multinational corporation.

Blue Peter BadgeBlue Peter – As a child growing up in the UK, there was always one thing I desperately wanted – a Blue Peter badge! Only given to select individuals, these badges are the plaything of the elite. As you get older this desire increases exponentially if, as a child, you didn’t succeed in achieving one. This is my story.

TravelTravel – As one who loves travelling, I’ve done surprisingly little. There are plans to change this, and this is where I discuss them.

101 Things101 Things To Do – There are many things I want to do in my life – so that I didn’t forget them all I made a list. There are more than 101 things here, but I call it this because it sounds better than ‘128 Things To Do’!

iCryptiCrypt – This was the final year project for my BSc. in Computer Science. It is an RSA based public-key encryption program written in Java.

EarShockEarShock – Initially created as a way to get free tickets for gigs and festivals, EarShock has evolved into an ‘online magazine’ that is rarely updated and, well, gets me free tickets for gigs and festivals.